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Sponsorship Commitment Form

Thank you for choosing to sponsor the Amazing Praise in support of this online giving celebration! Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis (with priority given to previous years' sponsors). Completion and submission of this form will constitute a commitment to the Amazing Praise and provide access to full sponsor benefits if received by August 1st, 2024.

Please submit your sponsorship payment at the same time as completion of this form.

Checks can be made payable to "Boaz and Ruth" (the nonprofit serving as the fiduciary agent for the Amazing Praise) and mailed to:

The Amazing Praise

c/o Boaz and Ruth

3030 Meadowbridge Road

P.O. Box 6129

Richmond, VA 23222

To give online, please donate here.

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Thank you for completing the Amazing Praise sponsorship form!

Please see the blue column for instructions on submitting payment.

The Amazing Praise is a Christian collaborative working together for shared impact in greater Richmond. This collaboration is accomplished through an annual 48-hour fundraising period in which participating Christian non-profits raise funds towards their individual goals and promote and celebrate each other and the transforming work that is being done in Jesus' name across the city. The 2023 Amazing Praise will be from noon Sept 19th through noon Sept 21st.

Sponsorship funds are used to cover shared costs and then are equally distributed to all participating nonprofits.

Benefits to Sponsoring the Amazing Praise:

  • Participate in the shared impact of 17 Christian nonprofits doing transformative work across greater Richmond.

  • Be recognized in marketing and advertisements as one of the Amazing Praise Sponsors, with category/industry exclusivity if requested

  • Logo placement on campaign website by level

  • Logo or name placement in press releases and promotional communications

  • Minimum of one social media post via Facebook and Instagram platforms before the 48 hours of the Amazing Praise and one social media post after.

  • Be guaranteed first right of refusal for participation in the 2025 Amazing Praise in sponsor category/industry

  • Build connections with leaders in greater Richmond’s Christian non-profit community

To participate, complete the Sponsorship Commitment Form and Submit Payment Below!

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